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Urological problems and how to treat them | best urology hospital in Delhi

Urology is a part of health care which deals with the male and female urinary tract and various conditions and problems. The urinary tract includes kidney, uterus , bladder and prostate in men. There are few  best urology hospital in Delhi , India, which treats various diseases of the urinary tract like: Urinary tract infection : Urinary tract infections are very common especially in women and mostly with Diabetes. If this is not adequately treated, it can become chronic, and

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Free Kidney Transplant, Kidney Treatment in India –Precautions, Risks and Associated Complications

The function of the kidney is to filter waste from the blood and discard it from your body through your urine. Moreover, the kidney also assists to maintain your body’s fluid as well as electrolyte balance. Whenever your kidneys stop functioning, waste starts accumulating inside your body and might make you sick. Basics of Kidney Transplant: A kidney transplant is essentially a surgical procedure which is carried out to treat kidney failure. It is found that a kidney transplant can

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