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How to stop obesity from making a return post Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is considered one of the most successful surgical methods to treat obesity. It reduces the size of the stomach to limit the intake of food and the absorption of calories. However, it is also a fact that obesity can make a nasty return once again if you are not careful about your lifestyle post-bariatric surgery. It has been seen that all patients start gaining weight after 2 years of bariatric surgery. If you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle again,

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All you need to know about Bariatric surgery

Obesity is one of the major problems the world is facing in terms of health. Unhealthy lifestyle changes have led to increase in child and adult obesity leading to a further list of serious diseases which are often life threatening. By 2025, India will have over 17 million obese children and stand second among 184 countries where the number of obese children is concerned. Obesity is posing a serious threat to people’s health all over the world. What is obesity?

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Live Video Chat: What should be done post Bariatric surgery for long-term benefits?

Watch Video: What should be done post surgery for long-term benefits? Today in our Live Chat Session we will answer all such questions related to the journey post weight loss surgery. We have Dr Jaydeep Palep – Director and Head of Department of Bariatric and Minimal Access Surgery. Dr. Palep is a distinguished Bariatric Surgeon at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. The session is moderated by Dr Nidhi Khandelwal, Associate Consultant, Centre for Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery. For appointments call:

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