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How to stop obesity from making a return post Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is considered one of the most successful surgical methods to treat obesity. It reduces the size of the stomach to limit the intake of food and the absorption of calories. However, it is also a fact that obesity can make a nasty return once again if you are not careful about your lifestyle post-bariatric surgery. It has been seen that all patients start gaining weight after 2 years of bariatric surgery. If you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle again, you are bound to suffer the same problems. You must commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle and follow the suggestions of your doctor or nutritionist to maintain the newly gained weight loss.

Here are some of the ways which will help you to maintain an ideal weight post bariatric surgery-

  • Limit high-calorie foods-

Though it is true that bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach and reduces your appetite and food intake, you can still gain weight if you are eating a high-calorie diet. Limit your calorie content at the earliest.

  • Avoid food with high sugar content-

Adopt some healthy lifestyle changes like avoiding sugar in your food and beverages. This will help you to reduce weight as well as prevent any discomfort following bariatric surgery.

  • Quit fried and processed foods-

You must quit eating all packaged and processed foods because of the high content of trans fat which majorly contributes to obesity.

  • Go high on protein and low on fat-

Include high protein rich products in your diet and limit the fat-rich foods. Start focussing on eating legumes, lean meat, eggs, and fish to increase the amount of protein in your diet. You should also eat low-fat yogurt and a lot of green vegetables and fruits for a healthy diet.

  • Eat small meals at regular intervals-

Instead of loading yourself with food, try taking small meals at intervals. Since your appetite will be reduced after bariatric surgery, it is beneficial to eat small meals at once which also help the body to burn off the calories before the next meal is taken. This is thus considered a better way to lose weight than eating a heavy meal at once.

  • Exercise regularly without fail-

Stop being lazy and get yourself up on your feet. It is advised to hit the gym and perform the types of exercises as recommended by your doctor and gym trainer. They would suggest the ones that are safe and effective at the same time post-bariatric surgery. Exercising daily helps the body to increase metabolism and burn fats and calories in an efficient manner. It also keeps a lot of other health issues away by inducing a healthy lifestyle change. Strive to achieve a target of at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and gradually increase it to an hour. It can be some cardio at the gym or some light aerobic exercise. If not anything, then try jogging or get involved in some kind of sport that keeps you fit and healthy.

Thus, bariatric surgery is not enough for weight loss alone. It must be followed up with healthy lifestyle changes and to achieve weight loss and maintain it.

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