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Side Effects and Benefits of Knee & Joint Replacement Surgery: News Lover

The knee, which is the largest joint in the human body, is also very complex. It takes a lot of stress which can be damaged as you grow old. A damaged knee joint can be extremely painful and it also causes decreased range of motion. A person with a damaged knee joint will find it difficult to go on with his/her daily chores like walking, standing, or climbing stairs.

joint-surgery-tipsWhen the pain and difficulty become unbearable, a doctor may advise you to go for knee replacement surgery. Also known as Arthroplasty, the knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of the knee parts that are damaged. They are replaced with an artificial implant that is known as the prosthesis.


Arthroplasty involves the removal and replacement of one or more damaged knee surfaces. There are three major knee surfaces:

  • Femur or the lower end of the thigh bone
  • Tibia or the upper end of the shinbone, and
  • The patella or the knee cap

The surgery usually takes about 1 to 2 hours and the patient is given general anesthesia. These days the doctors are using more advanced technologies like a robotic arm system for more accurate determination of the damaged area and to precisely align the implants. The use of robotic arm systems is known as computer-assisted surgery or CAS.

There are many different types of knee replacement devices including partial implants and total implants. The model used for the replacement depends on different factors like the patient’s weight, age, and activity level.

A knee replacement surgery can help in more than one ways. Some of the possible advantages include:

  • Freedom from the pricking pain
  • Enhanced mobility
  • The quality of life is improved because you can get back to doing your everyday activities with easy.

Doctors say that four out of five individuals who underwent knee replacement surgery are very happy and lead a pain-free life. However, there are a few complaints from patients who still endure the pain. This happens if you actually have a relatively minor knee joint damage which can be treated with some non-surgical procedures.

So here is the risk:

A patient may face complications if he undergoes a joint replacement surgery if the damage is not very severe. In such cases, it is better to go for non-surgical treatments because a surgery can lead to poor outcomes. Before getting the surgery done, the patient must know that the surgery does not give effective results in the early stages of arthritis. The surgery can be highly effective when the arthritis is advanced.

So of the possible disadvantages of the knee replacement surgery include:

  • The new replacement can never be the same as a natural knee.
  • Though the knee replacements help in mobility, they are not as flexible as the natural knee. Though they can help to the knee, the knee replacements can feel discomfort.
  • People who undergo the knee replacement surgery will always feel a clicking or clunk.
  • The patient can feel a certain amount of numbness on the edge of the scar. However, this will improve eventually but the feeling will always remain.
  • The replacement may wear out or become loose.

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