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Reduce your risk of Brain Tumor at Nanavati Hospital

With the rising number of brain tumor patients all over the world, doctors suggest that there are certain changes in lifestyle that can reduce your risk of having a brain tumor. The best brain tumor surgeons in Mumbai say that though there are very little things that can be done to prevent brain tumors because genetic factors cannot be altered, taking care of a few risk factors can prevent brain tumours in future.

·        Stay away from a few professions if possible

Occupational risk factors for brain tumor happen in case of people involved in jobs like sheet metalworking, roofing, gas stations, certain manufacturing industries and other industries that involve radiation.

·        Get proper sleep daily

Although these natural prevention measures may seem too little for a highly serious condition like brain tumor, it is true that certain natural lifestyle changes can bring about a lot of improvement in health and prevention of diseases. Getting adequate sleep every day is linked to brain health. The brain has a natural detoxification pathway that removes all the toxins accumulated throughout the day. This procedure functions more especially at night when the brain uses cerebrospinal fluid to flush out the toxic waste from the brain. Sleeping at night also helps to repair all kinds of cell and tissue damage as wear and tear happens throughout the day. Lack of sleep destroys brain cells and the neural pathways.

·        Include phytonutrients in your diet

To prevent brain tumors, it is important to maintain a healthy diet that is rich in phytonutrients. If possible, start including these foods in your child’s daily meals to protect him or her from brain tumor risks in the future. Certain fruits, vegetables and herbs have antioxidants and phytonutrients to prevent cell damage in the brain and scavenge the damage done by free radicals. This helps to reduce inflammation of the brain and prevents brain damage thus giving you protection from brain tumor. Some of these highly nutritious foods are leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale, broccoli, capsicum, bell peppers, tomatoes and herbs like oregano, green tea, basil, ginger, garlic and turmeric.

·        Stay away from mobile radiation

Mobile phones have an electromagnetic field that is carcinogenic in nature and leads to risks of brain tumor and brain cancer in people. Radiofrequency originating from the phone as well as the battery are both harmful in nature. This causes an abnormal cell growth in the brain that triggers brain tumor. Living in an age where living without mobile phones is considered impossible, you should maintain adapt a few strategies to stay away from the harmful radiation of mobile phones.

  • Use the phone on speaker or use earphones while talking over the phone rather than holding it against your ear.
  • Do not let children be near phones for too long
  • Never fall asleep with a mobile phone near your head. You can either shut it down or put in on flight mode while sleeping.

Brain tumor is a risky condition that requires only top notch medical and surgical facilities for the best treatment. Even though there are many brain tumor surgeons in Mumbai who can perform a brain tumor operation with utmost precision, the best brain tumor surgeon in Mumbai can be found only at Nanavati Hospital. The entire team of doctors are dedicated to providing round-the-clock medical services to brain tumor patients to make them lead normal lives again. Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai boasts of a team consisting of reputed and highly skilled brain tumor surgeons in Mumbai dealing with the most complex successful surgeries every day.

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