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Live Video Chat: What should be done post Bariatric surgery for long-term benefits?

Watch Video: What should be done post surgery for long-term benefits?

Today in our Live Chat Session we will answer all such questions related to the journey post weight loss surgery. We have Dr Jaydeep Palep – Director and Head of Department of Bariatric and Minimal Access Surgery. Dr. Palep is a distinguished Bariatric Surgeon at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. The session is moderated by Dr Nidhi Khandelwal, Associate Consultant, Centre for Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery. For appointments call: 9022359776 / 7045450502
Bariatrics (Obesity Surgery).

Questions: 1) How long after metabolic and bariatric surgery will I have to be out of work?
2) How much weight does this surgery help one to lose?
3) When can I start exercising again after surgery?
4) Are there any foods that one must avoid after undergoing the surgery
5) Will there be any side effects after undergoing this surgery?
6) Will I have to take any supplements after undergoing this surgery?
7) What types of additional nutrients will I have to include in my diet after undergoing the surgery?
8) Will this Surgery have any Harsh effect on my heart disease?

9) Is weight loss guaranteed after this surgery?
10) I underwent this surgery in May, however, I still have a lot of saggy skin and stretch marks. Is there any solution to it?
11) I am told to take minerals and vitamins. How Long do I have to actually take these?
12)  How much protein do I need in my diet, daily?
13) How should I get my protein? With shakes? Bars? What if I’m a vegetarian? 
14) What happens if I don’t take in enough protein after the surgery?
15) Do I need to avoid caffeine forever from my diet?
16) Will this surgery have any effect on any medication intake like Paracetamol etc?

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