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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Spine: Benefits you need to know

MISS or Minimally Invasive Surgery is the latest technique used for spine surgery that comes with the minimal need for cuts into the skin and flesh of the area that requires surgery. MISS effectively reduces the requirement for the previously larger incisions that were essential for spine surgery.

Surgeons involved in MISS use technologically updated instruments that are highly refined along with best in class imaging technology that lets the surgeons access the spinal area via punctures inside the skin that are as tiny as an inch-long cut.

Here is why you should opt for minimally invasive surgery to help with treatment of persistent pain in the back region.


With MISS, surgeons do not have to use rods, plates or screws in order to fuse the components of your spine. This allows your spine to keep up with its usual flexibility. After the surgery is complete, the patient can easily get up and walk within a time gap of a few hours.

This can help with getting back to the usual daily activities in a smaller timeframe after the surgery is complete. One doesn’t have to stay at the hospital for long after the surgery is complete. Always opt for the best hospital for spine surgery to make sure you get the best treatment that helps you heal faster.

2-Outpatient Treatment

The minimally invasive surgery actually reduces the requirement for a patient to stay at the hospital for long hours. This means the patient can get the procedure completed at minimal cost as compared to the traditional surgery that required large cuts with more time for recovery. The patient can get back to his home within few hours of successful completion of the surgery.

3-No trauma in the peripheral area

Use of this latest technology in the best hospital for spine surgery in India helps with the removal of any kind of peripheral trauma. Given the fact that MISS removes the requirement for cutting through the muscle for reaching the site where there is a nerve compression, the trauma experienced from this type of surgery is minimal to none. In this surgical procedure, the soft tissues simple slide aside rather than being torn or cut as seen in the traditional surgical options.

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