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Introduction to complete Replacement Surgery for Joints

Total Joint Replacement surgery is a procedure that helps with the replacement of a damaged or arthritic joint by the use of metal, ceramic or plastic device that is termed as a prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to replicate natural movement of any healthy joint. Among these replacement surgeries, knee and hip replacement are common, but this surgery can also be performed over other significant joints that include shoulder, ankle, wrist, as well as the elbow. Patients suffering from chronic arthritis or damage due to the sudden accident should get in touch with a best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai to ensure the best treatment for the ailment.

When does the need for Total Joint Replacement come into the scenario?

Many days to day conditions that include joint pain or disability with body movement can lead to a requirement for surgery for joint replacement. A lot of cases come from joint pain that can be caused due to cartilage damage close to the bones such as articular cartilage. This requirement can also arise from fracture, arthritis or similar conditions. Doctors from the best hospital in Mumbai generally opt for physical therapy and medications as the first form of treatment. When medications or similar treatment options stop working, doctors recommend surgery for joint replacement.

Surgical Procedure

Most surgeries for joint replacement only take a couple of hours. Minimally invasive surgeons in Mumbai perform this procedure. As the surgery begins, damaged cartilage or the bone is taken out from the joint which is then replaced by the prosthetic components constructed out of metal, ceramic, and plastic.

For example, the hip pain arising from arthritis is due to a damaged ball located at the upper end which is close to the femur. This ball is then replaced by the metal ball which is fitted upon the femur. This helps with the proper movement of the hips while walking. You can get a joint replacement surgery at your local hospital where the cost of joint replacement in Mumbai is affordable.


As you talk to your orthopedic surgeon, he/she shall explain you about all the complications and risk arising from surgery for joint replacement. Most of these complications can easily be treated with proper care and timely action. The common complications that can arise from surgery for joint replacement include blood clots, infection, prosthesis issues such as dislocation or loosening, and nerve injury.

As a patient in need of joint replacement, Nanavati Hospital provides you customized recovery as well as rehabilitation facilities as per your requirement. Throughout your recovery phase, you get effective insights from your doctor for better movement of the treated area.

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