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How is Digital Spine Surgery Performed?

The digital spine surgery is performed in the following steps:

1. During the process, the surgeons use computer-assisted imaging which guides them to view the surgery site with extreme clarity as compared to the conventional visualization techniques.

2. Moreover, implants like rods or screws are also inserted and placed with greater accuracy.

3. In this imaging process type, images that are taken pre-operatively are then merged with images taken during the surgery process. This produces real-time glimpses of the structural positioning and orientation of the surgery site when the surgery is being performed.

4. For imaging, the surgeons usually use a pre-operative computed tomography (CT) and intra-operative fluoroscopy (real-time X-ray). These methods allow the surgeons to perform the surgery with a higher level of accuracy and safety.

5. Based on the findings, the surgeon will make a small incision through either of the three approaches:

  • Anterior approach: This approach calls for a surgeon to access your spine from the front side of your body, via your abdomen.
  •  Posterior approach: In this approach type, the surgeon will make the surgical incision in the back.
  • Lateral approach: In this approach, the surgeon will make the surgical path to the spine from your side.

6. Once an incision is made, the surgeon will continue with the procedure to treat your spine.

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