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Heart Health Safety Tips: How to Get Healthier Heart

Due to unhealthy lifestyle changes, most people in the world are suffering from cardiac issues. It is shocking to see even young people having heart diseases very often. Thus, all doctors suggest that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your heart to keep cardiac problems away.

Here we shall suggest a few ways that can be incorporated in your daily life to keep yourself hale and hearty.

  • Quit smoking-

The first thing to do for your heart is to quit smoking as soon as possible. This is one bad habit that will ensure that you have heart problems by reducing oxygen in blood. So quit smoking to avoid all kinds of coronary heart diseases. If it is not possible to quit it at once, try reducing every day to get rid of the dependency till you do not feel the need any more.

  • Eat less salt-

Try to eat food with less salt to control your blood pressure as high blood pressure puts a lot of stress on your heart. But do not cut down on salt altogether as that would lead to negligible sodium levels in the body which is dangerous for the brain.

  • Reduce weight-

The more your middle portion expands, the more stress it puts on your heart. A protruding waistline is a signal that your heart is in danger. In order to stay healthy you should take all necessary steps to maintain a healthy weight according to your age, sex and height. Obesity is one of the biggest causes for increase in heart diseases in the world population.

  • Stay active always-

To give your heart a daily dose of good health, it is necessary to be always fit and active. It increases the oxygen in the blood and also improves the heartbeat rate. Engage in jogging, morning walks and light cardio exercises that increase the heartbeat and helps it to function well. You can also engage yourself in sport activities like table tennis, basketball, lawn tennis or swimming to keep yourself active daily in an enjoyable way.

  • Watch your diet-

The food that you are eating has a direct effect on your heart. So you must watch what you are eating. Having too much junk or fried stuff is not good for cardiac health. You must cut down on fried and oily stuff, red meat, sugar, cheese and in short, everything that raises your cholesterol levels. Also, avoid foods that have saturated or trans fat. Instead, try to include whole grains and high fiber foods like oats, corn, and millets, fresh fruits and vegetables, especially, cabbage, broccoli, capsicum, etc. in your daily diet. Fatty fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids and lean meat like chicken are also good for heart health.

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