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Guide to Maintain Health before Heart Surgery

Learning that either you or one of the near and dear ones need to go through a heart surgery can be complex and confusing. It raises a lot of questions regarding the well-being of the patient. Well, you know that after the surgery, nurses and medical assistants will be there to assist you in taking care of the patient, However, there isn’t a lot of clarity about the changes that one needs to bring before the heart surgery.

This article will guide you through the important points to be considered before heart surgery.

Foods to avoid before heart surgery
The ground rule for ensuring there are no complications in your heart surgery is to limit sweets, refrain from alcohol drinking and eliminate the foods with artificial sweeteners from your diet.
• Cut down on food containing saturated fat: You need to cut back on saturated fats as their high consumption will increase your cholesterol level, thereby, putting you at a further risk of cardiovascular ailments and making it difficult for you to undergo a smooth, less-risky heart surgery. Decrease your consumption of coconut oil, butter, lard and animal products such as beef, pork, and chicken before the surgery.
• Eliminate hydrogenated vegetable oils from your diet: Vegetable oils are high in trans fats and high intake of this type of fat has been regularly linked with danger level of cholesterol which can worsen your prevailing health condition.

Before the heart surgery, you must stick to a diet low on fat, high on fiber and omega fatty acids.

Before heart surgery: To-do List
If you haven’t been to a dentist for the past one year, it is time to take an appointment and ensure your gums and teeth are in a good condition before you are due for the surgery. Also, do not swallow water while brushing your teeth.
1. You should refrain from eating heavy meals for a few weeks before the surgery.
2. Avoid eating junk food or chewing gum. Stop indulging in alcohol consumption, or cigarette smoking at least a month before the surgery.
3. A night before the surgery, remove the nail polish and do not wear any makeup.
4. Refrain from wearing tight clothing or heavy accessories for at least two days before the surgery. Wear comfortable clothing to let air pass.
5. Keep your medical assistant or your caretaker informed about your changing symptoms or worsening condition. Even if you sweat more, let your family members and your doctor know about it at the earliest.
6. Do not practice high-intensity workout if you have heart issues. A mile 
walk is the best exercise for you.
7. Take your prescription medicines as advised and carry them with you to the hospital. Inform your doctor about any other supplement or drug you have been taking apart from the prescribed medicine. Never withhold information from your doctor.

Top Heart Surgeon & Heart Hospital List from India 
Dr. Balram Airan AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Ramakanta Panda Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai
Dr. Arup Dasbiswas B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata
Dr. Yugal K. Mishra Fortis Hospitals
DR. G VIJAYARAGHAVAN Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, Kerala
Dr. Bhabananda Das Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha, Delhi
Dr. O P Yadava National Heart Institute, Delhi
DR. SANJAY KUMAR PANDEY Batra Heart centre, Delhi
Dr. Anil Bhan  Medanta- The Medicity


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