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Free Congenital Heart Disease and Valvular Heart Defects Treatment in India

Cardiothoracic and heart transplant surgeon Manoj Durairaj credits divine providence which makes him help those who can’t afford to help themselves. Dr Durairaj has never turned away a poor patient for the want of money.

Dr Durairaj runs the Marian Cardiac Care And Research Foundation hasn’t been able to build any corpus for such poor patients as he gets donations for the surgeries on ad hoc basis.

Roughly, there are 30 donors who contribute and since the majority of them aren’t from a high profile background and most are working professionals and retired citizens who have managed to help him with up to Rs 2 Lakh.

Dr Durairaj has conducted roughly 350 free surgeries in the last decade to help people with cardiac ailments which mostly include congenital heart disease and valvular heart defects in poor patients. Most of the beneficiaries are women and children.

He first taps into the government schemes to helps the patients including the government hospital’s in-house corpus set aside for the poor. For patients who don’t hold Maharashtra domicile and BPL card, he treats them at a charitable trust in Ahmednagar and even the surgery as critical as bypass are done just for Rs 50,000.

When he doesn’t get any such option or face financial issues, he turns to the donors. A couple of years ago, his foundation collected Rs 6.5 lakh for the heart transplant of a 12-year old girl from Ahmednagar.

Dr Durairaj told TOI that it’s people benevolence which has helped him provide the patients with the same quality of treatment as a good hospital.

He also takes care of the post-operative care which the government provides funds for. He offers free OPD consultations to post-op patients with monthly medicines.

For instance, the doctor’s foundation has provided medicines and diagnostic investigations to 14-year–old Prerana from Jalgaon worth Rs 10,000. Prerana had received a donor’s heart in a surgery conducted for a team of doctors including Dr Durairaj.

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