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What is Dentistry and What Are the Responsibilities of a Dentist?

When your or any of your loved ones’ tooth starts aching, you certainly should visit a dentist. Dentists have much more responsibilities than you can think of; they don’t just remove a decaying tooth or replace a tooth! Dentistry is a dedicated branch of medicine which is responsible for maintaining proper oral health.

Many people have thoughts that a dentist must only be visited if they experience pain in the oral cavity. The help of a dentist may be required anytime, and by any person, thus, it is essential for you to learn about different responsibilities of dentists.

As you remain highly concerned for your other body parts, you must take proper care of oral cavity as well. The Below described information is about dentistry and dentists in detail that would help you for life-long!

Know About Dentistry in Detail!

Dentistry involves study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of different disorders, diseases as well as conditions of the oral cavity. This encompasses several major practices that are related to the oral cavity.

Dental treatments are carried out for preventing or treating the common oral diseases like dental caries and periodontal disease. Treatment of teeth involves teeth restoration, extraction or removal of teeth surgically, root planning and root canal treatment.

Proper Oral Care Is Essential!

Often people think basic dental care (brushing and flossing) is enough for proper oral care but oral cavity requires special attention as it is the path for food consumptions. If you are seriously concerned about your health and family’s health then regular check-up and cleaning in necessary. Maintaining proper hygiene of oral cavity can prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath, diminishing glow of teeth and early fall of teeth before old age!

Different Types of Dentists and Specialists

Dentistry ranges from the simple process of fixing misaligned teeth to complex oral surgery. Basing on this, there are several types of dentists for targeted dental care needs.

  • Paediatric Dentist
  • Endodontist
  • Orthodontist
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  • Periodontist
  • Prosthodontist

What are the responsibilities of a dentist?

The responsibilities of a dentist are many.

  • Diagnose the oral disease
  • Promote oral health by preventing diseases
  • Preparing a treatment plan for maintaining and restoring oral health
  • Learning about the oral condition and disease from X-ray and diagnostic tests
  • Safe management of anesthetic
  • Monitor the growth and development of teeth and jaws
  • Performing surgeries on teeth, bone as well as soft tissues in the oral cavity

Why consult a dentist?

The dentists are specially trained as per the specialties for ensuring proper treatment and surgery needs. The dentists utilize their skills to prevent different oral diseases and maintain oral health of a person which would help them to lead a healthy life with the hygienic oral cavity. Visiting dentists in regular intervals for astandard check-up is essential!

Dental treatment costs in India

The costs for different types of dental treatment vary a lot! The costs even are based on the healthcare centers and the geographical locations. The cost of root canalling varies from tooth implant while the costs for complicated surgeries vary from simple tooth removal!

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