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I Have Added reCaptcha to My BlogEngine.Net Blog!

I closed the API hole. Instructions added at the end. After switching my blog software to use BlogEngine.Net, I noticed an increase in spam attacks to my comments. The old blog required people to sign in and create an account and while I got the occasional spam in it, it was minimal. In this one, it was 2 to 3 per day and that bothered me. Thus, I started to look in to reCaptcha and seeing how to implement it.

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Santosh Deemed to be University

In 1995, the Santosh Medical/Dental Colleges and Hospitals came up as one of the top institutions in India to study medicine in Ghaziabad. The university has been offering an MBBS course since 1996 with a total intake of around 50 students per year. In the same manner, Santosh Dental College started in 1995 with an aim of imparting a higher level education in dentistry. The institution offers a foundation course in BDS since 1996 by accepting about 40 students annually.

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Global Hdi Microvia Pcb Market Research Report(Status and Outlook)-2018-2023

Global Hdi Microvia Pcb Reports presents a pin-point breakdown of Hdi Microvia Pcb Industry based on type, applications, and research regions. The market drivers, challenges, growth opportunities, and regional study is presented comprehensively in this report. The analytical study on production, demand & supply, the import-export scenario is studied in this report. Hdi Microvia Pcb Market consists of key players, manufacturing details, cost structures, sales margin, and market share. The forecast Hdi Microvia Pcb analysis presents revenue, market share and

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New Jokes Online | WhatsApp Jokes | चुटकुले

चुटकुले पढ़े यहां…..!! पुरुषों को शादी करने का सबसे बड़ा फायदा यह है कि उन्हें अपने गुनाहों की सजा जीते जी मिल जाती है!!? — ??Laxmi?? (@LaxmisinghGKP) March 22, 2018 Dear मच्छर ये जो तुम रोज 50ml मेरा खून पीते हो न इसमें से 49ml अल्कोहल होता है न पियो फेफड़ा खराब हो जाएगा ??????? — ? गोलगप्पा ? (@golgappa__) March 18, 2018 तेरा #इश्क भी #गोरखपुर के #उपचुनाव जैसा था पगली, हवा इधर की थी रुझान उधर का निकला

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High PR Top Social Bookmarking Sites List- 2018 (Updated)

Top List of Social Bookmarking Sites 2018, List of Syndications Sites List 2018. Get Instant Ranking by these social bookmark submission. Its Updated List so you Don’t need to wory about list. Just Click on the link & make your account on the plateform then submit your website link.   Bookmarking websites PR DA Alexa 9 94 32 8 77 28 8 91 46 8 68 521 8 77 2175 8 33 20728

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Nanavati Hospital Owner

Shri Ratilal Manilal Nanavati (1897-1984) (Industrialist, Philanthropist and Founder Nanavati Hospital, Bombay) Founder of the famous Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital at Vile Parle, Bombay simple, plain speaking with charitable disposition, a dedicated social worker, and a distinguished citizen do high integrity, industrialist Shri R.M. Nanavati was born in 1897 in Vaso and received his education in Baroda. At the age of 24, he established his well-known firm “Nanavati & Co. Pvt. Limited.” He also set up “Ulhas Oil and Chemical

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Nanavati Hospital Mumbai Review

My Story My Review: I’ve been coming here for my daughter for more than 11 years now. Nanavati Super Speciality hospital had much diverse staff at the front desk over the years. They are NOT racist and do not racially discriminate in my opinion. I’ve seen different Religion working the front and private office sections. Again, in my opinion, that review I read earlier is Bogus. My opinion is this: maybe that person is probably in denial about her qualifications

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Sites best for Traffic Creation | Top Blog sites currently available on Free

Here are the Top blog sites currently available on Free. Take a look at each one and be sure to consider how it caters to the blog you’re trying to create. These sites best for Traffic Creation

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