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Fight back breast cancer with right knowledge, proper treatment, and care

Breast cancer is the commonest form of cancer among women in urban India and the second most prevalence cancer parts of the country. Because of the lack of knowledge and awareness of this deadly disease, the mainstreams of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at a comparatively advanced stage. However, with proper knowledge, understanding, and awareness, the slow-but-rising approach of this ailment in India can be halted. Here is a quick guide to the nitty-gritty about breast cancer that everyone should know.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the commonest insidious cancer in women and the second primary cause of cancer death in women. Breast cancer onsets when the cells in the breast start proliferating and these growing cells form a tumor that feels like a bulge. Usually, women are the prime victim of breast cancer, but in some exclusive cases, men also can get breast cancer.

What is the initial point of breast cancer?

There is no particular starting point for breast cancers as it can be initiated from any parts of the breast. But most of the breast cancers get going in the canals that carry milk to the nipple, which is medically termed as ductal cancers. Likewise, some forms of breast cancer fire up in the glands that generate breast milk, which is called lobular cancers. There are also some other kinds of breast cancer which are less prevalent.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

The very first symptom of breast cancer is the thickening tissue in the breast or development of an unusual lump in the breast or the armpit. Among other symptoms, one can find:

  • Unknown pain in the armpits or breast
  • Pitting or reddishness of the breast skin
  • A rash around the nipples
  • Bloody discharge from a nipple
  • A cadaverous or inverted nipple
  • Alterations in the size or shape of the breast
  • Cracking, peeling, or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple

Is breast cancer curable?

The curability of breast cancer varies with the stage of the disease. Cancer in the breast, in its Stage 2A and Stage 2B can be treated via medicines and therapies. But unfortunately, once arrives at the third or fourth stage, curing it completely can be challenging or sometimes impossible for doctors. This means early detection of breast cancer and its diagnosis is highly important.

What is the survival rate of a patient with breast cancer?

The survival rates of patients with stage II breast cancer breast cancer in India is 85 percent. It means 85% women in the general population are likely to live five years ahead of their diagnosis. However, the overall survival and relative survival rates for women with breast cancer may vary depending on the patient’s diagnosis, stage of cancer, and treatment procedure.

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