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Kidney transplant is considered the best treatment option for people facing kidney failure also known as end-stage renal disease ( ESRD ). When the patient is suffering from kidney failure , they are mainly treated through two procedures, i.e ; dialysis or kidney transplant . Kidney transplant gives your kidney a new life and increases the chances of living longer and a healthier life . Although the exact magnitude of ESDR rate in India is unknown, but unfortunately a significant rise of kidney failure has been noticed in recent years, for that it is suggested that , on time diagnosis should be done at an early stage. For the end state condition, Some of the hospitals in Delhi are known for the best kidney transplant hospitals in Delhi for the treatment quality and facilities they provide .

The patient should have the information before and after the kidney transplant ;


Donor kidney :There are two different ways to get a healthy kidney. The first is through “living donors.” In this case this might be a family member or close friend or anyone known to you  who is willing to give you one of their kidneys. Or, the second option is , you could get a kidney from a deceased organ donor. 

What happens during the transplant or surgery : Generally a  kidney transplant surgery often takes 3 hours, but can last as long as 5 hours .

You’ll be given anesthesia first, then in simple words , once you’re under anesthesia the surgeon will make an opening in the abdomen, just above the groin and the donor kidney will be put in. Next It’s blood vessels will be attached. And Then, the surgeon will connect the ureter (which is ; the tube that carries urine from your kidney) to your bladder. Finally the opening will be closed with either stitches or special surgical glue or staples . To get rid of any kind of extra fluid ( that may build up during the surgery ) , a small drain might be put into the abdomen. To help in urination the surgeon may insert a tiny tube called a stent into the ureter .


Recovery period : In most of the cases the patient needs to stay in the hospital for 5 days or less after surgery .The concerned doctor will probably advise you to take off work for 6 to 8 weeks. 

Restrictions : Although the patient should start to feel much better in about 2 weeks time , they won’t be able to drive or lift any heavy objects for about a month or so .

Giving up smoking or alcohol : 

Avoiding smoking and alcohol are key to staying healthy.The patient may also think about taking a dietitian’s advice about healthy meal planning. Can eat  more fruits and vegetables and drink more liquids than someone on dialysis.

Regular follow up with the doctor : The patient may need to visit the doctor 2 to 3 times a week after the transplant . A proper follow up checkup is necessary to stop your body from rejecting the donor kidney.

Stay active : An active body recovers faster . The doctor will advise what exercises are safe to do and for how long . Generally it starts with walking and stretching . heavy duty sports like football , soccer etc will be of limits, since it may harm the donor kidney .

Picking the best kidney transplant hospital in Delhi increases the chances of living a healthy life. Centre for Kidney Transplant & Renal Sciences in Delhi has the best and modern facilities and experienced nephrologists  who have performed a number of successful kidney transplants.

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