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As we all know that it’s very vital for all of us to have healthy and functioning kidneys .Let’s know all about it in detail. The kidneys are located just below the ribcage, are two bean shaped organs and they are of about the size of a fist. And are placed one on each side of our spine.

The main function of the kidney is to filter , a healthy kidney filters about half cup of blood every minute. Through this filtering process they remove the waste and extra water from the body which then turns into urine, the urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder. By removing waste fluids of our body they also remove acid from our body that is produced by the body cell and thus kidneys help in maintaining the balance of water , salt , minerals ( i.e sodium , calcium , phosphorus and potassium of the blood . They play a very important role in maintaining hormonal balance as well by controlling blood pressure and making red blood cells.

Healthy kidneys:

For keeping our kidneys healthy we need to keep tabs on various factors , such as 

  1. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
  2. Have a healthy eating habit through a balanced diet and consume all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.
  3. Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
  4. Check on your body weight and also blood pressure.
  5. Know your family medical history. 
  6. Exercise Regularly.

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead us to various kidney related problems . And any lingering kidney disease can cause renal failure .A damaged or diseased kidney can affect the other vital body parts as well . They can cause problems like , heart disease , heart attack or stroke , high or imbalanced blood pressure , weak bones ,anemia because of low red blood cells, kidney failure and even nerve damage ! So to avoid all that we need to follow a healthy lifestyle. We can also do some self assessment of the health of our kidneys by recognizing some symptoms. Thus we need to play attention to these trouble signs :

  1. Fatigue or feeling of weakness .
  2. Discoloration or foamy urine.
  3. Any sign of blood in the urine.
  4. Swollen feet, eyes or stomach or face .
  5. Puffy eyes .
  6. Sudden increase in thirst.
  7. Increase in the need to urinate more than usual etc.

If these symptoms are there then one should be going through some tests , like BP test , Protein content in urine test etc.

There are some other symptoms of the chronic kidney disease or kidney failure ,

Like ,


2.Nose bleed

3.Back or abdominal pain.


5.Vomitting etc.

Depending on the  cause and types of kidney disease , it can be treated. Often, though, chronic kidney disease doesn’t have any proper cure. First the cause of kidney disease needs to be treated , for example if the cause is high blood pressure we need to check on maining the blood pressure by avoiding things which cause this imbalance and there are various medications for that also. So like this we can treat other causes too .

But if the damage is at their last stage, then the treatment process will become lengthy and  also critical. For that we need kidney dialysis or transplant.

  • Dialysis. Through kidney Dialysis it artificially removes waste products and extra fluid from your blood when your kidneys can no longer doon its own. In hemodialysis, a machine filters waste and excess fluids from your blood. And in peritoneal dialysis, a thin tube (catheter) is inserted into your abdomen and fills your abdominal cavity with a dialysis solution that absorbs waste and excess fluids of your body . After a certain  period of time, the dialysis solution drains from your body, which carries the waste with it.
  • Kidney transplant. It’s a surgical process .It involves surgically placing a healthy kidney from a fully matched donor into your body. Transplanted kidneys can come from both deceased or living donors. Sometimes even after the match the body tends to reject the donor kidney. For that  you’ll need to take medications for the rest of your life to keep your body from rejecting the new organ. 

Treatment process of  a chronic kidney disease can be worrisome. You may feel concerned about what your diagnosis means and get confused about the procedure  and also feel worried about  your future health. To help you cope with your feelings, consider trying to:

  • Get in touch with other people who have similar kidney disease. Other people with chronic kidney disease can understand what you’re going through and can offer you mental and informative support. Ask your doctor about the nearest support groups  in your area. 
  • Maintain your normal healthy routine, Try to maintain a normal routine, do the activities you enjoy and continue doing the work if possible or if your health allows.
  • Be active or try to do exercise most days of the week. Of Course with  the doctor’s advice, try to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least 3-5 days of the week. This can help you cope with fatigue or weakness and stress.

Follow a healthy lifestyle for healthy kidneys.

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