Where is the best place in the whole world to travel on a Pocket Money in 2018?

The answer is Vietnamand let me Clarify my answer

As you land in Vietnam, step out of the airport and find the nearest currency exchange counter (NEVER exchange currency at the airport, unless you own either the airline company or the exchange center – total rip-off!)

You hand over a $100 (INR 6,600) bill and wait eagerly for your first contact with a new, exotic currency.

What do you get back? 4 of these Exotic Notes. You feel like a Millionaire

$100 (USD) = INR 6,600 = 2.2Million Vietnam Dong ????


“Note that the math here is mostly for dramatic effect, and you end up paying a couple of hundred grand for a good dinner, but Vietnam is still a ridiculously cheap country to travel in, even after accounting for Purchasing Parity!”


How are food, Snacks & other Accommodations:

  • Local beer ?? (Bia Hoi) is as cheap as 25 cents (INR 15) You can calculate in other currency using Google
  • Succulent baguettes stuffed with egg, ? ? meat, and veggies ???? are about $1 (INR 66)
  • Good ? Hostels ? are about $5 (INR300) for a night


You really love this place if you are motorbike Lover?

If you want to do a road trip in Vietnam, go from the north to the south. You can buy a motorbike ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ for cheap in the north ($200USD = INR 13200), ride it all the way to the south (the route is spectacular) and sell it in the south for a profit, subsidizing your road trip to a big extent!

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