Minimally Invasive Surgery for Spine: Benefits you need to know

MISS or Minimally Invasive Surgery is the latest technique used for spine surgery that comes with the minimal need for cuts into the skin and flesh of the area that requires surgery. MISS effectively reduces the requirement for the previously larger incisions that were essential for spine surgery. Surgeons involved in MISS use technologically updated instruments that are highly refined along with best in class imaging technology that lets the surgeons access the spinal area via punctures inside the skin

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Know how a joint replacement surgery can benefit you

As we age, our joints tend to wear out due to constant use and minimal exercise to keep it healthy. Issues such as arthritis or severe joint pain can cause a halt to proper body movement. Dealing with severe pain for hours to can be a strenuous deal that makes you physically and mentally tired. When physical therapy or non-surgical methods fail, patients tend to look for surgical intervention such as joint replacement surgery in Delhi. Here are some of

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