Cardiac Surgery: Conditions and their treatment

With the fast progression of modern surgical techniques, it has become easier for surgeons to treat even the most delicate organs of our body. Cardiac surgery is also known as cardiothoracic surgery which involves the treatment or surgery of organs located in the thoracic region consisting of lungs, heart and close to organs. The very first open-heart surgical procedure that turned out successful was performed with the use of a heart-lung based machine in the year 1953. Cardiac Surgery is

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What is Triple Bypass Heart Condition?

It is important for us to know what diseases can strike us today. Knowing that you will leave your family forever can hurt, but it is always good to be prepared for the inevitable. First things first. Triple bypass heart surgery is not the same thing as open-heart surgery. Triple bypass heart surgery has to be done when the blood vessels that are too close to the heart become so clogged that they cannot function properly anymore. This type of

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Guide to Maintain Health before Heart Surgery

Learning that either you or one of the near and dear ones need to go through a heart surgery can be complex and confusing. It raises a lot of questions regarding the well-being of the patient. Well, you know that after the surgery, nurses and medical assistants will be there to assist you in taking care of the patient, However, there isn’t a lot of clarity about the changes that one needs to bring before the heart surgery. This article will

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