Fight back breast cancer with right knowledge, proper treatment, and care

Breast cancer is the commonest form of cancer among women in urban India and the second most prevalence cancer parts of the country. Because of the lack of knowledge and awareness of this deadly disease, the mainstreams of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at a comparatively advanced stage. However, with proper knowledge, understanding, and awareness, the slow-but-rising approach of this ailment in India can be halted. Here is a quick guide to the nitty-gritty about breast cancer that everyone should

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Tips to Prepare for Breast Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with cancer, meeting specialists, arranging funds, finding the right treatment, chemo and radiation, the whole cycle can be exhausting. One big favour you can do for yourself when fighting cancer is to find a good team of specialists. The most common cancer treatments that are available today are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. A cancer patient can receive one of the three treatments or a combination of them. Your doctor will decide on the type of therapy depending on

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