Romantic places to visit in Mauritius 2019

After the bustling days of the wedding, the two people want to feel and admire each other. They seek a place where they can enjoy the most memorable time of their lives; Mauritius is full of those pleasant choices.

Mauritius honeymoon packages are teeming with love and life what one can ever think for amour full times.
Mauritius shows the best delights from May to December month, so it is again a bonus as you are planning your honeymoon here in September. Here are the best places of Mauritius to inject more love in your honeymoon –

1. Black River Gorges National Park:

This is a natural treasure of Mauritius and, unarguably, a great destination for honeymoon couples. The flora and fauna of the place are worth to watch. There are majestic views of rainforests and gorges with the backdrop of rocks.

Additionally, the place serves the endangered species of birds along with the amazing sightseeing. The ripples of the river will embrace your love and the eternal chirping of the birds will blend the sweetness in your relation.

2. La Vanille Crocodile Park:

Here is another exciting park that you must visit on your honeymoon. La Vanille Crocodile Park is home to several animal species from all around the world. There is an exotic beauty of nature that will blow your mind.

There are awful crocodiles and giant tortoises for some fierce staples. Additionally, you can enjoy the colorful insects here along with the rare collection of butterflies.

3. Ganga Talao:

This is a sacred lake of Mauritius, which is also popular as Grand Bassin. The place is present here as a Hindu pilgrimage. There are the temples of Lord Durga, Shiva, and Hanuman; it is believed that Ganga is present here.
Ganga Talao enjoys a great festive time in every Maha Shivratri. As this is your honeymoon time for a new start of life, visit the place for blessings.

4. Chamarel Park:

Chamarel Park is known for its astounding landscapes. You can witness the spectrum here on the dunes. The stunning appearance of colors like red, purple, violet, green and many more are worth to watch. These splashes will give a vibrant, quaky and glazed touch to your honeymoon.

5. Tamarin Beach:

Tamarin Bay is the source of a beautiful beach on the west coast of Mauritius. The fairy shoreline is present in the background of the Black River mountain range. There are thundering waves that are extended wide. Overall, it is a perfect combination for a couple to feel each other’s company and raise more love.

6. Le Morne Beaches:

After knowing about the 5 places to visit in Mauritius for your honeymoon, next is here. The picturesque setting of Le Morne Beaches is more than being just exciting.

There are turquoise waters along with white coral sands to create a perfect combination of beach experiences. You must try your hands for the adventures here, like, windsurfing, kitesurfing and all.

After all the fruitions, September month is the best one to douse the honeymoon packages Mauritius Gladly compile the places of Mauritius and start planning for your loveful moments!.

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