Physical Therapy and Exercise Post a Spine Surgery

A spine surgery is a very big undertaking, and restoration is a major part that a patient needs in order to recover from the surgery. Exercise and physical exercise is important so the patients get the most conceivable advantages from the surgery. Basically, recovery (physical therapy and work out) can help patients recuperate from the spine surgery quickly and completely.

spine-surgeryIt can be considered as the process that will align and balance your body post the surgery. Consider that you bought new tires for your car, but they won’t work because they are not aligned and adjusted. This will be a total waste of your money. In the same way, if the spine is not given the physical therapies and exercise it needs, it will not function properly.

There are many different ways in which a physiotherapist works along with a patient to help him or her in recovering from the spine surgery and to get back into good physical condition.

  1. Controlling pain after the surgery

A physiotherapist is a well-trained professional who will help manage the pain that follows after a surgery. The therapist will first aim at controlling the pain by helping them regain their strength. Control and reduction of pain are of high priority because a patient who is in a lot of pain may find it difficult to complete a rehabilitation program.

Some amount of pain is quite common during the process of recovery. There are several different ways in which a physical therapist can help in minimizing the pain experienced by the patient. They include:

  •         Applying ice packs in the area
  •         Maintaining certain position of the spine
  •         Trying out certain movements
  •         Use of electrical devices

There are several techniques that can be followed to find relief from back pain. These techniques are simple and easy and can be done at home throughout the day. Most patients don’t know them and may be surprised to learn how much simple they are.

  1. Physical training after spine injury:

The therapist will develop a personalized training schedule that is specially tailored to help the patient recover. To prepare this plan, the physiotherapist will note the specific surgery, the patient’s body type, and the condition of the tissues.

The physiotherapist will usually focus on muscle facilitation in the areas where the muscles need to regain strength and stability after the back surgery. Such an exercise therapy focuses on:

  • Strengthening the muscles in the incision area
  • Providing strength to the muscles weakened due to nerve problems
  • Strengthening small muscles around vertebra and to stabilize the spine

In general, most people do not use these muscles very often. But when trained properly they provide excellent stabilization to protect the spine and to prevent future problems.

Exercise is the best way to get better following the spine surgery. Physical activity is key to eliminating fatigue, and to get back to activity safely, without having a re-injury. It helps both the body to heal from the injury and to prevent future possibilities of back pain.

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