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Natural Blood Thinners

It is a well-known fact that thick blood is a root cause of heart diseases. When the blood gets thick, there is a greater chance for clotting and inflammation of internal organs. This problem is usually tackled with the use of blood thinners. It has been proved that aspirin is helpful during a heart attack. Cardiologists suggest that people who are at high risk of heart attack can avoid the take risk by taking low-dose of aspirin (blood thinners) every day. However, it should not be taken directly without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

People who have been diagnosed with thick blood or those with a family history of heart problems, usually take blood thinners. However, the OTC blood thinners are accompanied with several side effects. Some of the side effects include –

  • Headaches and body aches
  • Internal bleeding
  • Ulcers and kidney problems

Instead of the OTC blood thinners that pose serious side effects, people are advised to consume natural blood thinning food supplements for increased longevity, better blood circulation, and better overall health. Some natural blood thinners are:


Available in every home in India, turmeric is seen as the greatest of all spices and it has miraculous medicinal properties.  Studies reveal that this wonderful spice contains the curative ingredient called curcumin, which works on the blood platelets and prevents the formation of blood clots.


Just the smell of ginger is enough to make the mouth melt. But ginger is not just about its wonderful flavor, it is also known for its healing properties. Just like turmeric, ginger too helps thin blood. It contains an acid called salicylate which acts like aspirin and can help prevent stroke. There are other foods which contain salicylate, like avocados, chilies, berries, and cherries.


This is yet another spice that is an essential in most Indian kitchens. Cinnamon and cassia, which are like cousins have high quality chemicals that are known for heart health. They contain a chemical called coumarin which is a powerful anticoagulant. The chemical is known for its ability to lower blood pressure and it also helps find relief from inflammation. However, people need to be cautions when consuming cinnamon as it has been revealed that long-term cinnamon consumption can cause liver damage.

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