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Nanavati Hospital Mumbai Review

My Story My Review: I’ve been coming here for my daughter for more than 11 years now. Nanavati Super Speciality hospital had much diverse staff at the front desk over the years. They are NOT racist and do not racially discriminate in my opinion. I’ve seen different Religion working the front and private office sections. Again, in my opinion, that review I read earlier is Bogus. My opinion is this: maybe that person is probably in denial about her qualifications or lack thereof

This Place is always clean. The waiting area is pretty, has plenty of seating, and it is Nice & colorful. The front desk employees are all cool Helpful. At times some of them are loud. Their personal conversations are sometimes unnecessarily loud.

That Day, I came here for a checkup of my sprained ankle and for therapy to strengthen my ankle since falling a week ago. My PT was very thorough and explained each exercise I was to perform. Not just with her but at home to ensure a quicker recovery. She tried several movements and walking exercises to see how far I can push myself without pain. She also offered tips on nutrition and getting me back to full range of motion.

I’ll look forward to my PT visit next week. Maybe I can get breakfast to go afterward…hahaha. I totally recommend this place.

They work well together and are dedicated employees. Overall this is a wonderful hospital.


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