Movie Review: Is Hrithik As Kaabil As Ever? Know Here !!

Yum,just for starters don’t be glum. Life’s as sweet as a mango. The hero here can cook up a delicious Vegetable Kolhapuri, rescue his lady love from a jampacked shopping mall and break into a neat tango. So what if the script is poised to become as macabre as a story by Edgar Allan Poe? Oh oh.

That’s typical Sanjay Gupta Gyan, pleasure precedes pain as it does in all of his films (the last one was the jeepers creepers Jazbaa). And as it happens, Kaabil, is no exception to this director’s ‘aao revenge karen’ rule. A morsel of dialogue goes to chant the ancient proverb about  how an “Eye for an eye” can be sweet. Perfect material for a troll-worthy tweet. Sorry but in this day and age, I beg to disagree.

Grabbing the law into one’s hands, showing a rape victim resorting to suicide by hanging, and at another juncture, such lines are dribbles as, “This couple is so fair and lovely. They will have gora gora children.” These elements are severely outdated if not regressive.

And what’s with the Bollywood movies anyway? Everyday speak is littered with bombastic punch-lines. Examples” “Darkness cannot light up darkness” and “A dog is loyal even if it has to chew on a bone. So don’t you dare expect a boneless meal.” Strange to say the least.

Indeed Bollywood’s gone stir crazy on meaty dialoguebaazi. And come to think of it.  this vindaloo is just another tough-to-digest Sanjay Gupta vendetta fest – killings carried at out warehouses, fatal slug-outs at building construction sites and an innocent butcher being stabbed in the tummy at a boulder-studded spot. Located in Mumbai, the usually buzzy city appears to be sound-proof to cries of help, screams and any tender mercies. Our maximum city just snores-‘n’ sleeps through dastardly deeds being committed within ear shot. Now really.

Okay so even if you suspend your sense of disbelief, first of all you will have to slap yourself to say, come on, this is just a movie. Make room for dramatic licence dude, just don’t think about those online reports tracing the Kaabil story to the Korean flick Broken and the Netflix series Daredevil. And maybe you can snooze through an item number in a hi-fi club which actually resembles the defunct Capitol cinema. Still, all these forgiveness factors can’t connect you to actually rah-rah the ouchcome.

Frankly, a pall of gloom descended over me. Primary reason: neither producer Rakesh Roshan nor the unarguably gifted actor Hrithik Roshan needed this.

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