List of Top 5 Shared Calendar Apps

The correct calendar app for you relies on your lifestyle and needs. Are you relying on notifications and reminders or are you finding them a nuisance? Do you need to jointly handle a calendar with a family or other employees? Do you prefer to be damned by a streamlined and subtle interface or an app that is crowded with characteristics like in-app notes and to-dos


Dayhaps is free online app . It is also simple and easy to use . Creating a shared calendar in just a second has never been so simple and quick to add contacts. Recognize internet calendars quickly with the various colors or with custom calendar images. Great as a shared calendar app for the family or team.

Formerly, the great to – do app had a distinct calendar app called , which it later rolled into the namesake app to generate a unified spot for your assignments, objectives, reminders, and schedule. A wealth of reminders assist you remain at the top of your agenda, objectives and to-do.

Apple Calendar

You can also take information from other calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and any calendar using CalDAV. Connecting an email client app to another email account is about as simple as setting it up.

Fantastical 2

Is it great to call Fantastic 2 cheesy? Probably, but it’s not hyperbole, at least in this case. In addition to being accessible on Apple Watch, Fantastic 2 has just about everything you might want in a calendar app for iOS and macOS. While having the mobile app is essential, Fantastic 2 is actually shining on the desktop.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Microsoft Outlook is more a personal information manager than a location to see your next appointment as the most stalwart of calendar applications. The desktop app unifies a single view of your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and contacts. Mobile apps from Outlook aren’t that ambitious, but at least they combine your calendar with your email.

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