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Joint Replacement Surgery: What Is It And How It Is Beneficial?

Several joints in your body connect two or more bones. A hinge joint (for example, your knee) can bend and straighten, but a ball-and-socket joint (for example, your shoulder) has the rounded end of one bone fitting into the rounded end of another bone. Over time, many people’s articular cartilage, or the cartilage that lines the ends of bones, may be damaged and destroyed. In other terms, an orthopedic surgeon replaces a damaged joint with a new, artificial joint. Every joint in the body may be replaced in principle, although the knee and hip are the most often replaced.

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure used to reduce pain and restore function and mobility to a damaged joint. During the surgery, the injured joint and tissues are removed and replaced with a prosthesis. Although fingers, ankles, and elbows are all viable replacements, the hip, knee, and shoulder are the most often replaced joints. If you are looking for the best knee replacement hospital in Ghaziabad or anywhere near Delhi, Santosh Hospital is open for you.

Risks of a Joint Replacement Surgery

Naturally, joint replacement surgery is not without risk. Heart attacks are up to 31 times more likely among those who have undergone hip replacement surgery than in the general population, particularly in the first two weeks after surgery. Bleeding, infection, nerve or blood artery injury, and progressive loosening of the new joint are all risks connected with joint replacement surgery.


However, getting scared and worried is not going to benefit your condition, but it might worsen it. here are a few tips that doctors and experts suggest to help yourself prepare and ready for the surgery:

  1. Have A Clear And Free Schedule

It is very necessary to have a clear schedule and no tension of work or anything else during or after the surgery. You might need some time to recover and worrying about the thing you need to do will only increase the recuperating time.

  1. Inform Yourself About The Surgery And Gather All The Important Information About It

The first rule of preparing yourself for anything is to know every important thing about it. You can ask your doctor about everything important. You can read about it online as well as in books and magazines.

  1. Collect All Your Important And Personal Documents Related To The Surgery

Many individuals may inquire about your insurance coverage, medical history, and legal arrangements in the weeks leading up to your operation. You may feel as if you are answering the same questions again and over, but this is important to fulfill quality assurance and medical insurance criteria. Take a few minutes when you have some peace to make a comprehensive inventory of your personal and medical information. This will assist to expedite the process and ensure that you supply all of the crucial information required for a successful procedure to your healthcare provider.

  1. Prepare Yourself For The Surgery And Afterward

It is also very necessary to prepare yourself for the surgery by gathering all the important information about it. In this way, you will know what to expect. Also, you can prepare yourself by taking proper leave from work, bringing comfortable and appropriate wear to the hospital for post-op, asking a family member to stay with you and take care of you, and so on.

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Now, why should you get a joint replacement surgery and not wallow in pain till the end of time? Here are a few benefits of joint replacement surgery that will make you realize its importance:

  • Relief from long-lasting and excruciating pain is the first and most important benefit of joint replacement surgery. This is the main reason most people go through this surgery and it’s’ well worth the effort as well.
  • The function of the joints after replacement surgery improves by a large degree. End-stage osteoarthritis, also known as bone-on-bone arthritis, is often recommended in cases with complete cartilage breakdown and significant mobility limitations. Once the replacement joint is placed, patients benefit from increased joint function and a greater quality of life.
  • Another important benefit that will ring well with the readers is that after the surgery, as the pain decreases and mobility increases, you become more independent and less dependent on others for your movement. You need less and less help from others in the movement and so on and hence become independent.
  • After the replacement surgery, you will find out that your overall expenditure has decreased by a lot. What this means is that even though the cost of surgery might seem much in the beginning, you will find that if you did not have the surgery, you would’ve spent more on help and medications, and so on. So getting the surgery will cost less and hence save you money ultimately.


Losing weight if you are overweight, quitting smoking, minimizing alcohol use, and engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises are all good things to do before surgery. Santosh Hospital’s health experts provide an integrated, tailored patient experience for individuals in need of a joint replacement. We are not only the best orthopedic hospital in Ghaziabad, we also give thorough post-operative care to guarantee optimum recovery.

Before and after a joint replacement you need to work with your doctor to determine your risk factors. If you do this well, there’s a good chance that the long-term benefits of joint replacement will outweigh the risks in the short term. There are not many orthopedic hospitals in Ghaziabad that focus on post-op procedures. But our team will be there for you every step of the way throughout your joint replacement journey.

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