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Is B2B booking engine a perfect choice for travel agencies?

Travel agencies, OTA(s), tour operators, travel agents, and suppliers face various challenges in relation to their travel networks with sub-agents. They find it difficult to maintain proper communication with their sub-agents, due to their varying locations. Travel companies face problem in tracking reservations and commissions made by their sub-agents. This results in errors, delays, and lost money-making opportunities. Therefore, these companies need to select the B2B flight booking engine in order to eliminate the problems that emerge due to improper management of the sub-agent network.

B2B booking portals provide a user-friendly interface that avoids the need for any training to manage it. Thereby travel agencies easily manage these booking systems and grow their business in a convenient way.

B2b flight booking engine
B2b flight booking engine

The B2B booking engine is the right solution to various travel business concerns

  • B2B booking portal helps travel agencies by gathering flights and hotel content that allows B2B clients to book flights for their customers. The B2B travel engine software can be easily connected to GDSs or required third party flight APIs.
  • B2B airline reservation system helps travel agencies maintain seamless interaction with their sub-agents that helps them keep track of the commissions in a convenient way.
  • Using B2B booking portal, travel agencies get the ability to categorize their sub-agents and assign them country-wise markup.
  • Travel agencies connect with many suppliers using a single online platform that is B2B booking portal.
  • Travel agencies prefer B2B flight booking system as it allows them to set markups and commissions for their down-line agents.
  • With the use of B2B flight booking portal, travel agencies easily extract and check the region-wise reservation reports of agents and suppliers.
  • B2B travel booking portal helps flight ticket wholesalers and travel agents to save money by automating the whole process, this reduces the dependency on staff.
B2B Booking Engine
B2B Booking Engine

The report says B2B booking engine is on high demand 

In our recent survey for B2B flight booking portal, we found that 80% of respondents agreed that the white label B2B internet booking engine is the preferred medium to extend the travel network. There is a high demand for B2B travel portals in the United States, India, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Many travel agencies accepted the fact that speed, scalability, security, and features that support travel network extension are major factors to consider the B2B airline reservation system for business. This helps increase business efficiency and develop a big travel network. They say having a B2B flight search engine simplifies complex procedures related to business operations.

According to travel agencies, B2B flight booking system and B2B hotel booking portal, connect them to the best deals for flight bookings and hotel bookings.

How does B2B airline reservation system work?

B2B flight search engines allow travel agencies to manage their profit margin by doing markups and commission settings from Admin panel. They get the ability to categorize their sub-agents, region wise and assign them commissions accordingly. There is a feature to add discounts for agents as well. Using, B2B travel portal, travel agencies conveniently manage various transactions related to the sub-agent network.

The B2B flight booking portal shows the data directly from GDS and helps travel agencies book tickets by giving access to real-time Airfare data inventory. The user interface of B2B flight reservation portal is easy therefore agencies do not require additional training to operate it. Hence, they book flight tickets for their customers in a simplified way.

5 Major categories of B2B flight booking engine

  • Markup and discount management system
  • Agent management system
  • Booking management system
  • Account management system
  • Offline query management

Importance of advanced B2B flight booking engine

  • Advanced B2B flight booking engine has modified agent modules that reduce the errors and save time on data corrections. It supports speed and fastens business operations of travel agencies. It also supports automated error corrections.
  • Modernized B2B flight booking engine unifies selling and shopping into a single platform regardless of the sources like GDS/CRS, consolidators, LCCs, wholesalers, and direct connect. It removes complexities in the process.
  • Advanced Airline booking engine supports easy sign-up and flexible payments. It is fully customizable and makes bookings very convenient. It enables travel agents to handle complex itineraries in a simpler way.
  • Easily manage discounts, markups, preferred destinations, currencies, and payment gateways using advanced B2B booking airline reservation system. In addition to this, incorporating business rules are effortless and agent wise reports are easily generated.
B2b flight booking engine

Features of advanced B2B flight booking portal

  • User friendly interface
  • Dash Board Management
  • Easily set profile of agents
  • Agent wise mark up control
  • Easy markup & commission settings
  • Flexibility in online payment
  • Assigning convenience fee
  • Account statement log
  • Sales and Commission reports
  • Deposit Management System
  • Commission Management System
  • Online settlement of invoice & receipts
  • Auto alerts on confirmation, bookings, tickets
  • Control over all booking and cancellation reports
B2b flight booking engine

Benefits of B2B flight booking engine

  • The user-friendly interface of B2B flight reservation system simplifies procedures thereby travel agencies do not require much assistance on integrating third party flight APIs.
  • Convenient tracking and reporting facility.
  • Travel agencies consider B2B flight booking portal as a cost-effective source.
  • B2B white label booking system saves both time and money.
  • It saves time by reducing the need for communicating sub-agents through phone or email.
  • Agent network is easily managed that helps travel agencies make more money.
  • You get a straight approach to meet exact travel business requirements.
  • B2B flight booking engine increases money making chance by giving easy access to optional ancillary content. This increases customer satisfaction as well.

  What is the white label B2B booking engine?

  • White label B2B travel portal works similar to the normal B2B booking portal, but it does not require development cost as it is already built by B2B booking engine providers. Travel agencies can use it with their own brand name. They can customize the layout as per their needs. White label B2B booking engine is a ready-made and quick business solution for travel agencies.
  • Easily extend your travel network by using white-label B2B booking engine as it allows you to manage markups, commissions, and agent network in an easy way. You can make money with it by using your own brand name.
B2b flight booking engine

Why travel agencies prefer a white label booking engine?

  • White label travel booking portal is the best solution for those who want to save their development cost and time. It suits travel entities who want to start their travel portal by spending lesser money. Travel startups generally prefer white-label B2B internet booking engine.
  • B2B white label travel portal allows travel agencies to connect with other travel agents and form their own travel network in an easy way. This portal allows their agents to sell flight, hotels, and other travel products to their customers.
  • Using a white-label B2B booking engine, travel agents make bookings at discounted B2B rates by using their separate login access. They become capable of making real-time bookings in a simplified way.

Author summary

At AccessOne, we allow travel companies to get unified data access to rich airline content regardless of sources. Our AccessOne RES is an advanced white-label B2B airline booking engine. It enables travel agencies to book flights in a convenient way by using extraordinary features.

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