How to Win Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale. by Epic Games has hit the gaming scene by surprise, and just in a few months became a global phenomenon captivating millions of players each day. Not only that Fortnite is a huge thing in the gaming community, but it’s also insanely popular in the eSports scene! The title was released in late 2017 (early 2018 for all platforms), and now it’s in the top 3 2018 eSports game list!

Got your interest? Want to know how to win Fortnite? Over the course of 2018 Fortnite has held 161 official tournaments with a total of $20,074,787,48 prize pool, and a whole sum of 1385 official professionals representing what the game is all about! Whether you are a casual player, or just getting started, we have made some research, and we have a couple of tips to share with you, tips on how to win Fortnite!

Fortnite has a particular scenario in which, more than likely, you’re not going to win. First, you simply need to understand that there are 100 players competing, and there’s only one winner! However, do not put on the downer face as there are many things that you can improve, and thus increase your chances of being the sole survivor! So, the moment has come, how to win Fortnite you ask? Well, here are your answers!

Choose your landing zone! The landing zone is your first step towards success! Statistically, you have higher chances to win if you pick an unpopulated area, as you’ll have plenty of time to gather weapons, gear, and materials needed once the things will start going south, while if you land straight into action, chances are there are better players then yourself around, and they will kill you! A nice place with a single hut, or somewhere towards the edge of the map is awesome.

You probably still asking yourself how to win Fortnite? A good question once again. Headphones! Headphones are essential as the game makes use of directional audio, so by wearing headphones you can predict the direction of some bad intentions! It’s a huge piece of information you simply cannot pass by! Also, keep in mind that the game has stages, that is an early game, middle game, late game. Think about your plan during each stage, what will you do, where will you be, and when you want to move!

And last, but not least, a bit about the weapons. How to win Fortnite with a basic pistol? Well, you simply can’t because these are as good as being bare-handed! Medium-range weapons like assault rifles are excellent in close-quarter situations, and sniper rifles are excellent once you position yourself to camp for a prey! Fortnite weapons come in different colours, based on their rarity. Rarity determines their power, normal being the weakest, and purple being the thing you are looking for.

The rule is simple, gear up, man up, and stay smart and agile! Visit Games Marketplace.</a the Battle Royale awaits!

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