How to do Group Flight booking?

You will miss a chance of low price ticket if you don’t read this blog. Purchasing group flights is not an easy as it looks and often unfamiliar process. We will guide you with This post, how to do group flight booking? Here we have given step by step guide to booking a Group Flight Ticket on Minimum Price and without any Frustration.

Please keep in mind that flights should arrive in London no later than 1:00 pm and should depart from London after 12:00 pm. Arriving and departing at these times will provide you with enough time to go through immigration and customs, check/pick up your bags, and catch your flight between London and Newyork.

Getting Started

Best Recommendation for you to first check baseline of the price for one passenger so that you can get an Idea which platform giving you a real discount on the group ticket. There are so many websites where you can search for baseline price I love to check on Google Flight. It gives almost the best baseline price and they have almost all airline data so you can compare what will be best for you. Google flight search is not applicable for group search. so here you will get the best airline and rout so you can ask for a good price group ticket.

Utilizing your Resources

Many schools/universities & big corporate company have already tie-up with airlines or travel agency If these services are provided for your organization we recommend this as your number one option.

Working Directly with an Airline

If your organization doesn’t provide travel planning services, we suggest that you work directly with an airline provider. Once you find a potential flight through Google Flights you can contact the airline directly for group rates (usually starting at 10 or more tickets). Most airlines have created specific departments for this and you can find airline-specific information below.

An Airline consolidator mostly deals in B2B means they only provide tickets to agents/Agency & Corporates offices. As they deal only in wholesales so you can’t buy a single ticket from them. But here you are for group ticket so they have an interest in you. so you can get tickets very easily. best things that they provide 24*7 Phone call service and they have very deep knowledge of everything so you can ask anything related your Ticket.

Some other Tips to buy low Price Group as well as Single ticket

  • If possible then buy the ticket in advanced like 3-4 week advanced
  • Winter: Best to buy 94 days in advance. Try to avoid flying over Christmas. Winter is the most expensive time of the year to fly.
  • Spring: 84 days in advance. Also avoid flying over spring break, when prices will be higher.
  • Summer: 99 days in advance. Late August and September are good times to fly since most Americans travel from June to early August.
  • Fall: 69 days in advance. You can often find good ticket deals in the fall because people don’t travel as much. However, you should avoid traveling near Thanksgiving.
  • The ticket is a very high price on weekdays like Saturday and Sunday so avoid buying the ticket on these days
  • Middle of the week like Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST. are mostly you can get low price ticket so try to get on these days.
  • Check your calendar if any festival on those dates then avoids.
  • If possible then book the ticket at last moment you will get a very low price ticket in this duration but make sure you have enough time for checking.
  • Ask to the for price alert
  • Signup on a different platform for price alert.

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