10 Cancer Facts You Need to Know

Cancer is fast growing as the most discussed topics across the globe with it being the 2nd cause of deaths in developed countries and the top 1 killer in underdeveloped countries. Though people are well aware of the dangers of cancer, not many are informed about the facts that can reduce their risk of developing cancer. Factors that cause cancers Poor lifestyle habits Diet Lack of exercise Smoking and drinking Age Lack of proper information is something that can make

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Bariatric Surgery Procedure, List of Bariatric Surgeon & Hospitals in India

Bariatric surgical procedures are conducted to assist weight loss. Your surgeon will perform the surgery if your weight loss efforts such as medication and lifestyle changes turned to be unsuccessful. There are two types of bariatric surgeries: Restrictive procedures Malabsorption A bariatric surgery can also be a combination of both restriction and malabsorption. For the combined procedure, the surgeon performs a surgery to first restrict the quantity of food that your stomach can hold. Once the procedure is done, the

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Guide to Maintain Health before Heart Surgery

Learning that either you or one of the near and dear ones need to go through a heart surgery can be complex and confusing. It raises a lot of questions regarding the well-being of the patient. Well, you know that after the surgery, nurses and medical assistants will be there to assist you in taking care of the patient, However, there isn’t a lot of clarity about the changes that one needs to bring before the heart surgery. This article will

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What is the cost of Hair Transplantation in India?

Hair loss is one condition that everyone has either faced or will face. No matter if you are in your 20s or 40s, you have complained about hair loss at least once. The receding hairline is a cause of worry that might soon turn into a nightmare, if not paid attention. The daily loss of hair is the foremost sign which shouldn’t go ignored. It generally starts from the temple towards mid partition but some people might also notice hair

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