12 Early Symptoms of Cancer in Men By Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital

Cancer is on the top of the list of killer diseases killing mankind. The disease is now becoming highly prevalent in both men as well as in women. A study has revealed that cancer is one of the most common causes of death in males. However, there is every chance that men just ignore the signs of cancer. Yes that is right! There are several indications that signal possible cancer in men. However, men are usually not very much into taking care of their health.

Apart from denying to go see a doctor and ignoring cancer symptoms, men are also reluctant to get cancer screening done. However, doctors say that identifying the initial signs and symptoms of cancer is very much important because treatment turns out to be highly effective in the initial stages. Cancer screenings and preventive health visits are important to find cancers or other health problems. Most of the health problems are curable when identified in their early stages.

There are a few symptoms that need a doctor evaluation because threating and evaluating them is important to find out about health problems. Here are a few signs and symptoms that should never be ignored because they can be indications of a probable cancer –

  1. Breast lumps: Breast cancers are known as female cancers. However, there is a chance that men too develop them; however, such cases are rare. Men need to rush to a doctor when they notice breast lumps or breast masses, dimpling or changes in the skin near the nipple.
  1. Problems during urination: Men usually have problems urinating as they get old. With age, they may face problems like painful urination, too less, frequent or too much urination, etc. these problems may not be ignored at all. In most cases, men experience problems while urination because of enlarged prostate gland, they can also be a sign of prostate cancer. Never ignore these signs and go see a doctor to get it evaluated.
  1. Unexplained weight loss: Most people work hard to lose weight. The whole process needs a lot of hard work and strict control. However, it is always a big concern if a person keeps losing weight even without putting in the required amount of effort.
  1. Rectal bleeding: Beware! It can be a signal of rectal cancer! A person needs to rush to a doctor if the bleeding continues for days and you are then diagnosed with anemia due to bleeding. Along with this, you may also find blood in stools. However, the blood loss does not conclude a rectal cancer, because rectal bleeding is also caused by hemorrhoids. Oncologists advice that men who are above 50 need to get regular cancer screenings.
  1. Constant back pain: Yes that’s true. Constant and persistent back pain can be a symptom of cancer. Unlike the regular back pain, a symptom of bone cancer can cause tenderness and discomfort.
  1. Blood when urinating: Urine plays and determinative role in identifying the human health and any problems associated with it should not be ignored. If you notice blood in your urine then ring the doctor and book an appointment.
  1. Trouble when swallowing: Another important sign is trouble when swallowing. This can be a sign of mouth cancer and people consuming tobacco need to be careful if they face it.
  1. Irregular bowels: This yet another sign that should not be ignored. Chances in bowel may be because of rectal or colon cancer. People should beware if they experience frequent diarrhea or constipation.
  1. Fatigue: Fatigue is common but excessive fatigue without any activity can be because of cancer. So visit a doctor before it is too late.
  1. Coughing: Most of us may neglect coughing. However, persistent coughing may not be ignored, because it can be a sign of cancer.
  1. Testicular changes: When you notice any difference in testicals like lumps or heaviness, may be because of a cancer and they can’t be ignored.
  1. Changes in skin: Changes in skin color, appearance of moles, changed texture, etc., can all be symptoms of cancers.

Timely cancer screening is also very important for adults and doctors recommend it to both men and women.

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