1. Create Two Twitter Accounts
2. Improve Your Twitter Bio
3. Add Text to the Header Image
4. Optimize Your Posting Schedule
5. Know Who You’re Talking To
6. Write Better Tweets
7. Use Hashtags Wisely
8. Grow Followers Onsite
9. Run a Twitter Contest
10. Promote with Twitter Ads

Create Two Twitter Accounts:
If you are using your own personal Twitter account to market your business?
Then your first step in using Twitter for lead generation should be to create a second account.
If you already have a business or brand account, then you don’t need another one. But if you’re already tweeting from a personal account, you’ll make more headway promoting your brand if it has its own online presence.
For example, if you’re a business owner, it makes sense to have a Twitter presence both as yourself, and for your business. Or you can make separate accounts for different parts of your business.
Twitter also uses this technique. The Twitter founders have their own accounts, and there are official accounts for Twitter as a whole, as well as Twitter video and other products.
If you have a separate account for your business, you’ll be able to focus your strategy to solidify your brand and attract your target audience, without confusing your followers with more personal updates.

Improve Your Twitter Bio:
Another useful technique for Twitter follower generation tool is your Twitter bio, which you can optimize for lead generation.
The bio’s the first thing people see when they check you out on Twitter. Even though it’s just 160 characters, that’s still plenty of space to make an impact.
Most of the people give their description of who they are and what they do, but that info should not be boring. Your bio can be a great Twitter lead

Generation tool if you include:
• Links to your best or latest content
• A link to your lead magnet or email newsletter
• A call to action (CTA) leading to a landing page with a great offer.
• Hashtags related to your main topic
• Other Twitter accounts (see tip #1)

Add Text to the Header Image:
When people visit your Twitter profile, the first thing they will see with their eyes is the huge header image at the top. That’s why it’s a great place for adding some information you may not be able to fit in the bio.
You could highlight a new addition to your products and services, as Grammarly does.
You can promote a venture with a hashtag, as Bette Midler does.
And, of course, you can add a CTA for whatever you’re promoting. If you include a link in the Twitter header image, keep it short and memorable, as header image links aren’t clickable so people will have to type it manually.

Optimize Your Posting Schedule:

Another important part of nailing lead generation on Twitter is making sure the audience you want to attract sees your tweets. And that means you need to tweet when they’re online, and most likely to take action.
A good starting point is to use Hubspot’s advice on ideal Twitter posting times.
Hubspot suggests that Wednesday’s the best day to attract B2B customers on Twitter, while if you’re focused on consumers, weekends are the best Twitter posting times.
Hubspot’s suggestions are a good starting point. But after you’ve had a Twitter presence for a while, you can switch to using real data from your actual followers, which is always better than a generic approach.
Know Who You’re Talking To:
When you are using Twitter for lead generation, it’s also important to understand your audience. When you know your Twitter buyer character, you’ll be able to market to them more effectively.
Without knowing the person to whom you are promoting you can’t able to promote your business.
You’ll see a summary of activity on your account for the current month. Data for previous months is also available.
It’s worth spending time going through the tabs related to your audience. That’ll help you to learn:
• What languages your audience speaks
• Age, gender, location, education, occupation and income level
• Interests, TV viewing habits, and political affiliations
• Types of purchases and buying styles
• Mobile devices and phone service providers
That can help you build up a rich picture of your audience so you can share the type of content that’s most likely to interest them, encouraging them to click through for more information.

Write Better Tweets:
One of the best tips when you are using Twitter for lead generation is to write better tweets. Tweets have some forms like status updates, images, links, video (see tip #8), but some types of tweets get more attention than others.
One way to eliminate the guesswork and write tweets that will encourage your Twitter audience to respond and share is to make your tweets more engaging. Co-Schedule’s got a great free (opt-in) tool to help with that.
It’s also important to get the mix of tweets right. If everything you tweet is promotional, you’ll soon turn off your audience and reduce Twitter’s lead generation potential.

Use Hashtags wisely:
It is the best technique to reach the people and they can also know about our business.
A good strategy is to find out which hashtags are most popular in your circle.
Include an existing hashtag in your tweet.
You can do this simply by typing a phrase of the form “#topic” within your tweet. After you click “Tweet,” your tweet will appear in your list of tweets with the hashtag in blue type. Scroll over the hashtag and click on it to go to the page for that hashtag.

Grow Followers Onsite:
If you want to have leads on Twitter first thing you have to do is increasing your follower numbers. And one of the best places to ask people to follow you is on your own website, because your visitors are there because of their interest in your business and your content.

OptinMonster’s an excellent tool to help you capitalize on this interest, and convince your visitors to take the next step and become Twitter followers.
OptinMonster’s advanced targeting features help you create popups that don’t annoy your visitors. You can use OptinMonster to show Twitter lead generation popups to visitors at exactly the right time. For example, you can:
• Make sure visitors have a chance to interact with your content by delaying your popup till people have viewed a couple of pages.
• Use referrer detection to show your pop-up to people who have arrived on your site from Twitter, since you already know it’s a platform they use.

Run a Twitter Contest:
The best way to improve Twitter lead generation is to use an online contest to raise brand awareness. Some example of Twitter contests include:
• Asking users to tweet images with particular hashtags
• Creating a sweepstake competition
• Running a caption competition
• Asking a question that followers can answer
When you are running a Twitter contest, make sure that you follow with the Twitter’s rules for running promotions. And, if you want to run an online contest across multiple social media profiles, try using a viral giveaway plugin like Raffle Press to make the process easier.

Promote with Twitter Ads:

Like all the social media websites, you can promote content on Twitter for increased visibility. If you meet the eligibility criteria and create an advertiser account, you can get to Twitter ads from your profile or by going to ads.twitter.com.
Promoted tweets will allow your tweets to appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users. Running Twitter Ads is a more holistic campaign, using multiple groups of tweets to accomplish a single goal for your brand. Depending on your objective, Twitter Ads can display your username in places other than a user’s newsfeed, such as the “Who to Follow” section to the right of their Twitter homepage.
To learn more about promoted tweets, skip to the next section below this list of steps.

How do I choose?
If you’re simply looking to get more eyeballs on a webpage, promoted tweets might be just the thing you need. In this option, you pay a flat monthly fee for as long as you’re promoting a tweet. It’s perfect for gaining focused exposure on (and generating leads from) a particular aspect of your business.

If you’re looking to grow your follower base and or build up your audience, Twitter Ads offer a bit more firepower. In the steps below, you’ll learn how to harness it.

Once you’re ready, set an objective for your Twitter campaign. If you are using Twitter for lead generation, then use Website clicks or conversions so you can track the people who click through from your ad to your website.
Name your campaign, choose a funding source, and set a budget.
Choose a creative, which is one of your tweets. It’s useful to check Twitter analytics to find you’re most popular or engaging tweets. That’ll improve your chances of generating leads.

Choose ad keywords and targets, and pay attention to the chart on the right that shows how many people you can reach.
Review and launch your campaign.

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